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Three Voices In Me

June 1, 2013


C.S. Lewis


Reposted January 2015

The idea of what we’re talking about is I’m trying to recognize the idea that there are three voices in me. I’m trying to connect to the voice of individuality because one of those two voices that are inside my head, one is the one of persecution, judgement, guilt, shame; also, at the same time, of what has been built of my experiences, the life that I lived in. Then, there is the voice of goodness, which I’ve learned about which we call God. Some people don’t believe in God, so there is no good voice, so then they’re ego has to be trained to tell them they’re alright, ” you’re doing good, you’re doing okay.” It’s a false sense of voice, it’s not as powerful as a power greater than any human power’s voice, but it seems to be a false sense that works, and we talk about that, and people like that are not concerned with their souls in the here or the hereafter. They think be honest, be tolerant, do the right thing, do what you say you’re going to do, show up for work on time, but in terms of what’s life about, what’s the truth? They don’t have any interest in that.

Once you discover the voice of God inside of you, which is the voice of goodness and the voice of love, that tells you take care of yourself, you are okay, you are good enough. That voice that says there are some things that are broken, but you can fix it with a way of life. That voice inside of you that says you are not permanently this way, it can change right now. That’s that new voice, that unfamiliar voice that we’ve always wanted all our life, we just didn’t know how to get to all the time. As we grow and discover a new way of life, we start to realize that voice needs more expression and that’s what step two is all about. We come to believe that a power greater than ourself can restore us to sanity. We start building a desired relationship with the voice of goodness, with the voice of love, and then we start to learn more about what that voice of goodness is, what that voice of love is;that it’s not the voice of condemnation, it’s not the judgement voice, that’s the other voice. We start to learn there’s two voices inside of us, one is the injured, traumatic, warped, unreasoned distortion of judgement, basically the dark side of the trauma side of us. Then, there’s that individuality, and that’s the triune, the three’s in nature.

So, we’re aligning with one of those two right now as we talk, and the choice is in knowing the difference between the two. That’s the “Serenity Prayer,” God give me the strength to accept the things I cannot change. There’s a voice inside me that tells me I don’t measure up, that I’m never going to measure up, life isn’t going to change, it’s not going to get better. Then, the courage to change the things I can, which is to know that they’re is a voice inside of me that’s your true voice, God, and it seems to be a voice of unconditional love, there is no darkness there is only light. We are even able to take our failures and transform them into assets by learning from them. So there is no more more failures, that voice is the courage to change, which voice am I going to participate in? The most important part of all, God give me the wisdom to know the difference between those two voices in the moment I’m in right now. Just by that petition, you’ll know which voice you’re listening to right now, that’s connecting to your individuality, and that’s how we have to look at it. There’s three factors in there, the individuality of us will always connect to one of those voices because of that universal oneness; so which one do we want it to connect to, the voice of unconditional love, or the voice that’s been created by mankind of what should or should not be based on our experiences on this planet of roughly 8-10,000 years from barbaric to modern time.

That’s that voice, it’s been built by man, man-consciousness voice; it’s a dark voice that tears us down, and tells us it’s never going to be. It’s powerful because it always gets triggered by the world in which we live. When you see greed, that voice comes in. When you see pride, greed, anger, gluttony, envy, lust, sloth, any of the deadly sins, the voice of mankind starts to permeate in your head. “Man it’s all about money, people are so compromised about money. I don’t know how people live without God,” sounds like we’re saying something good, but in reality it’s still judgement. It’s still a form of self-righteousness. That voice is illusive, cunning, baffling, powerful, and it’s triggered by the three dimensional world wherever you go by other people’s actions, or the way you perceive things, especially when you get into that negative realm. Then, that voice gets stronger and stronger and then, that voice starts to permeate you, and that’s the voice that tells you, you don’t measure up, you’re not doing good enough. That’s the voice of mankind, that is not the voice of God. That’s the most beautiful way I can ever describe it. Now you have to choose which one you want to hook up with because now you know the difference.

Have fun,
Much love,

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