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We all have to find out what love means to us

June 30, 2013


We all have to find out what love means to us in our lives as it is to us in our lives from the lives that we’ve had; not from the lives that we think we should have had, or some life that we saw a segment of in a movie, or some book that we read with a chapter on romantic love affair, or a book that we read and that’s all of a sudden our version of what love is. Really it’s quite simple. My version of love is what I know of love today and the application of that, is when those times come up in our lives and we’re looking at our relationships, and we’re viewing what we’re going to do with them; or maybe a transition has come up that’s making us look at them. We look at what we know about love and then we look at our relationship, not what we think love is and then look at our relationship. Imagine how dangerous that is for anyone of us to look at love for what we think love should be, as opposed to what love is in our life, as we know it from our life because that’s the only knowledge of love that you’re ever going to have is the knowledge of love that you have in the moment you’re in. That’s what love is to you, to each and everyone of us.

We’ve got to get rid of these ideas, and remove everything we think of somebody else’s love, or some movies’ love, or some romantic stories’ love, or Snow White and the 7 dwarfs’ love. Those are all cool things, and they give us good ideas, but then we have to come back to the reality of the truth of what’s love to me as I sit in this moment? Because I have knowledge of what love is to me, in this moment, and is there some kind of love here? Is there a love here that can blossom into more love? But is there a love according to what I’ve known of love, not what I think love should have been in my life, but as love is to my life now. You realize in your personal relationships that, yes there is love here, the people in my life that I care about. I care about a lot of people. So why don’t apply that same principle of the way I care about the other people in my life to the way I’m going to look at how I care about my personal relationships or my significant other. That’s the kind of way to look at love from my heart, not from somebody else’s mind, but from my heart and what my heart knows about love. Does that make sense?

Have fun,
Much love,

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  1. Nicole Merritt permalink
    June 30, 2013 8:05 pm

    I Love it!

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