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How to reach your full potential

July 14, 2013


If I don’t put my positive, strength energy, if I don’t look at all the assets I have and keep those firing hard because I’m concerned of my weaknesses, then I never reach my full potential! We have to stop that and think, “wait a minute, I can’t let my weaknesses be something I focus on, I mean I want to get stronger on them, there’s no question, but I must fully focus most of my energy on my strengths.” In order to focus on my strengths, I need to believe in my strengths. Think of how many times in our lives we tear down our strengths because we think our weaknesses are too strong, therefore we’re never, ever going to reach full potential because we have too many weaknesses and our strengths can’t overcome them. It’s our weaknesses that tear us apart and destroy any endeavor or dream that I have, and this is wrong thinking. My concern about the weaknesses that keep me from going for it, and really, really giving the best I’ve got, because I’m focusing on my strengths and I’m maximizing my strengths because that’s what successful people do.

I’ve never, ever heard a successful person say, “oh, I didn’t really believe in myself but I succeeded anyway.” As a matter of fact, everyone I’ve ever heard that succeeded in bands and in music, literature, and art, and business always thought they knew they were going to succeed. “I just believed that I would succeed, I never allowed myself to think I wasn’t, I never let that enter my mind, I just kept believing. The more I believed, the more risks I was willing to take, and the more I believed, the more I could act from inspiration and creativity fearlessly.” The more I’m concerned about my weaknesses, the more I act out in fear, and I don’t fully give of myself because I’m holding back because I don’t want to get hurt because the dream didn’t happen, so I hold back and then the dream can’t happen. That’s the self-fulfilling prophesy that has to be dismantled. What a revelation we get to have, so I’m sharing it with you because I know you can understand. The only way I can teach people is to figure out, “how do I get through these thresholds?” So, I’m literally learning this curve and it’s been like this for the last couple years where I’m learning how do I succeed and show people how to succeed. How do I remain happy, while I’m not getting everything monetarily like I want, in fact monetarily I’m having massive concerns. Still stay happy, still stay passionate, still trust in my Creator. Then, succeed and show people that you can succeed from nothing because I have nothing and the success is from dismantling these false beliefs that I have, and these false ideas that I have.

Make sure that these beliefs don’t become something that I have to listen to anymore, but I have to see that these false beliefs have kept me thinking I’m mature, so I emotionally don’t attach, and the detachment keeps the dream from happening. I have to have faith with action, we know that, we’ve learned that. We’re taught we have to have faith, and we have to have action. It just gets deeper and deeper, depending on what we’re dealing with, and as you go deeper and deeper you get to these critical truths, and that’s why I can hear you say, “god, KC did I need to hear this!” Because I need to recognize that self-fulfilling voice and that voice of self-doubt. Dreams don’t happen unless you come from the heart and if you’re holding back any kind of emotions to protect yourself from being hurt or disappointed, you can’t come from the heart. Dreams will not happen unless you come from the heart, and if you’re holding back you’re not coming from the heart.

When you hear something wonderful and a great principle, and a great application, and a great truth, it’s a heel of a character that understands now that the truth has inspired me, or that hit me at a core, now I want to maximize it, so I have to take that truth throughout the day and I have to find it. I have to see where I might be falling short of the mark, or where I can strengthen in areas to apply that principle and fortify it. I understand what it means now for the treatment is that now I not only believe in success, and believe that I deserve to succeed, and that I am going to succeed, I also recognize that because of this way of life that we have, and that I’ve been living for so many years, it doesn’t matter now because the success is in God’s hands and God’s will. God’s taught me that everything can be turned into an asset, so there are no more failures. Everything is a success. God can’t remove self-doubt or self-fulfilling prophesy, or fear of success if I don’t offer the moments when I fall into it.

Have fun,
much love,

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