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Becoming Aware

September 15, 2013


Becoming Aware

Learning to recognize when we’re just running around in life, and spitting things out of our mind that make no sense. Learning to remove that nonsensical thought, that nonsensical statement. It’s becoming aware and this is part of being as willing to listen as the dying can be, combined with an idea of humility; meaning that I’m going to use less words in life. I want to learn to be efficient with my vocabulary. So, I want to recognize when I say things or when I say statements that have no meaning, and go nowhere, and they’re just an opinion; or they’re just a conclusion that makes no sense.

In terms of that, how many times do I go throughout the day saying something, and expressing it when really there’s no rebuttal, there’s no reply, and it has no meaning? I’m trying to eliminate wasted energy. This is important energy because once conserved allows me to be more powerful in my focus in those things that I do want to put my attention on. So, I’m learning to recognize when I just have a comment about something that nobody’s really asked for, but I offer it; or I tell someone a story and they just look at you like why did you just tell me that? When we’re just spitting things out of our mind, and that’s just what it is, things are just spitting out. We’re looking for those areas in our lives where we’re just spitting out thoughts and ideas that make no sense, or we just spit out a statement that’s not negative or positive, maybe it’s nothing; but it just means nothing. We’re looking for these times when we’re just wasting our vocabulary and our energy, and not really paying attention to what we’re saying.

When I say wasting, it must be cognizant of who we are, in order to do that. We must not be afraid to look at where we waste energy, where do we waste words, where do we waste thoughts? We want to eliminate these areas, so we want to look for when we’re spitting things out of our mind. I love the word spitting because it’s just stuff that makes no sense, but it’s taking an action to do it, i.e. making a comment about something or what someone should do out of nowhere, telling someone a story that they really have no interest in, but you’re wasting their energy and your energy because you want to talk, but you’re not really saying anything. How many times in our life are we talking but we’re not really saying anything?

Start to become aware, so that we don’t waste our words, and waste other people’s energy by making a statement or saying something that just doesn’t go anywhere; because when we make a statement or we say something that doesn’t go anywhere, we’re wasting our energy.

Have fun,
Much love,

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