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Representing Goodness

September 15, 2013


Representing Goodness

We’re trying to improve the quality of our lives and we’ve been trying to recognize that we’ve been going in the right direction, but what we want to look at is the good things in our lives, the things that represent goodness. Let’s say it’s a relationship and you’re having somebody in your life, and they’re your friend; it’s always important to measure the goodness of that relationship, and the goodness is measured by does the feeling of wanting to be around them and enjoying them, and spending moments with them get stronger each time that you see them? Do you recognize signposts in your relationships where they lead you forward? It doesn’t mean that everyday there is a miraculous event, it’s just looking at it as a whole. I’m trying to recognize that there’s good energy in my relationships, is there good energy in the work that I’m doing, is there good energy in the places that I’m visiting where I’m spending time in my life?

I do that by do I feel compelled each time that I’m in one of those places to come back to that place to experience that again, or to experience more of that? If it’s a person, or if it’s a social situation, does it stimulate more of that inner thinking or that inner joy, or does it just liberate me to not have any thoughts; but, does it progressively feel better all the time? This is a measurement that we can use on any aspect of our lives, in terms of that, our own selves, am I progressing and do I feel better about life and the world that I live in? In terms of being less confused or more settled down or have I progressed in life? How’s my energy been, is it energy that’s good, that’s positive towards other things, am I optimistic? I like it when people tell me that you’re a very positive energy, you have a lot of good energy, you have a good heart, it’s clear you want to do the right thing. These are all seemingly side remarks in life sometimes that people talk to us about or they mention to us; but my god we should embrace those kind of statements and remarks about the character that we are and the way we are with a good heart. That’s so important that we want to do the right thing, and that people recognize that, and to just not acknowledge that, but in our own selves, in our heart connect to that; and that means connecting to the energy of our own growth, to measure is there more I should be doing?

In life, we have to realize it’s about progress, it’s about feeling good. It’s not an energy assessment of bad. This is an energy assessment of good to move forward in our lives, and seeking those things in our lives that we do feel good about, that are progressive; and putting more energy into those aspects of our lives, and looking at the other aspects of our lives that aren’t producing that same kind of inertia, the desire to move forward, the synergy of wanting to have more of that. Whatever it is, whether it’s a personal relationship, whether it’s business, these are all areas to measure in our lives; our friendships, and our personal romantic relationships. We always want to move them forward, so we want to find the good aspects of those relationships, and add more to them, put more focus on them. That’s the recognition of good energy in our lives, and it’s so important to ask our Creator to align us with that energy, not just ourselves, not be limited to what we can see; but to actually reach deep inside and ask our Creator to align us with those thoughts in the areas of our lives that do progress, that are good energy, and how to make more of that? We don’t want to limit ourselves to the mood we might be in, to just look at a certain area of a relationship and think it’s bad energy; so I’m just going to get rid of it.

We must look at it with our Creator, we must look at it with the highest frequency we can attune ourselves to, and it has to be one with our Creator; and then look for that positive, progressive energy in your life, and go towards it, embrace it. Recognize that’s who you are today, you are that energy that you desire, and so desire the good energy, and know that you are that same energy. Enjoy each moment, don’t wait, and recognize that energy is always there to connect to in your life right now, if you look for it right now.

Much love,

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