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How to make the most of everyday

September 29, 2013



How to make the most out of every day and recognizing that everyday in our life counts and is just as important as the days when everything seems to come together. Being aware that the idea of life is to be able to see the glorifying times of all your efforts when the days come together, the people come together, and your dreams come together, and they seem to take place in one day that all the days that led up to the unfolding of those events are just as important as the day when these events come together. Embracing that with a real quiet wisdom of knowing when your dreams come to fruition, it’s a lot of work, and it’s a lot of passion. When they are really, tangibly unfolding in front of your life, to take those days just as much as you take the days that precede it, and embrace the days that you’re unfolding your dreams because you’re unfolding your dream everyday; as long as you keep pursuing your dreams. There’s no difference in the days when your dream becomes a reality, as it is when you’re building your dreams, they’re still coming to reality.

So, it’s important to realize each day in our life counts so much, it’s so important. Every day makes up the essence of our entire existence, and either dictates what it’s going to be, or what it’s not going to be, and it’s all dictated by the actions we take in the day we’re in. It comes down to the character that we are that makes the decisions for our lives about what we’re going to do, and each day we build a good character. We have succeeded in a cosmic day, and it should be embraced. All the time when you’re trying to live a good spiritual life, that this is the greatest desire within any one of God’s creatures, and that’s the true evolution of man is the ultimate day when man lives by a spiritual code, no matter what because the life it produces is better than any other life of greed, or avarice, or taking, or manipulating, or deception.

Each day we build a character that tries to live that way, with those ideals in mind to the best of our ability, without judgment; not saying we failed and not saying we passed, just doing it to the best of our ability, and that’s the best we can do. Remembering that each day is important. Each day we are building towards the future of our lives, as we live our lives. Remembering that every day is important as we build this process, and that no day is more important than another, even though some days tangible results will come through. It doesn’t mean that it all happened in that one day, there was a lot of building that went on to create that one day.

So, embrace each day. Recognizing that each day we’re walking towards our dreams. No day is more important than any other day, and the idea is to embrace the day that we’re in with the knowledge that this is the best that it should be because it’s the best that it could be, because it’s happening in the day that I’m in.

Much love,

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