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About K.C. Pierson

Author & Speaker K.C. Pierson was born in Los Angeles, CA. He lived a childhood of rejection, filled with physical and emotional abuse by his alcoholic, divorced parents. When he was 12 years old his mother abandoned him and his sister. She sold his childhood home came to KC and his sister one day while his older brother was away to college and informed them both ” I have sold the house and called your father to get you guys, if he doesn’t come then you will be on the streets. I am leaving and not taking you with me” She left that night, KC and his sister were left alone after 2 weeks their father showed up. Just months after that because of daily beatings by his father KC was taken from his father’s home by the state for child abuse. KC’s father never struck his sister. KC became a ward of the courts and began a cycle of placement in institutions and foster homes.  

At 13 he ran away and started a long journey of desperation on the streets of the city. Avoiding sexual predators, being shot at, all alone he lived in cars; abandon buildings, alleys, often going for days without food and weeks without shelter. Traumatized by loneliness, no one in life to ask for help,  he turned to drugs and alcohol and became an accomplished thief and burglar.

Finally, nearly overcome with depression and hopelessness, he allowed himself to be captured by authorities. He was interned in juvenile hall and being a ward of the state he was forgotten about by the court system,  at 14 KC had become institutionalized, Juvenal hall had become his safe harbor, KC didn’t want to leave! As an alternative to incarceration at The California Youth Authority Prison at Chino, he was successfully placed with the first ever “Single Adult” Licensed Foster Parent in Los Angeles. KC had met a counselor named Keith at one of the last group homes he was in and Keith stepped up and became his legal guardian. At almost 16 years old KC’s childhood was over.

At 18 he started working in the Motion Picture business. But seriously addicted, he spent the next several years destroying his life with drugs and alcohol. When he was 27 he was involved in a high-speed pursuit by dozens of Los Angeles Police and was arrested for Felony Evasion. He spent the next several months in County Jail. Following his release he made the decision to become sober.

KC began a 12-Step program and experienced a “turning point of awareness” – that unless he learned how to treat his “injured mind” he would be the same person “sober” as he was when he was drinking and abusing drugs. He was surprised to learn that the majority of suffers from addiction and alcoholism have no concept on how injured their minds are, and no understanding of how to treat this injury. He spent the next years developing a method to manifest and apply a – psychic change to the injured mind – through application of spiritual principles.screen-capture-8

KC has been leading 12-Step workshops for 17 years attended by thousands of people. He has developed a method of change called “Thought-Life Connection” as a way to enable anyone to manifest a psychic change – alcoholic or not. His is a message of hope for anyone who finds himself or herself in a situation where they want something more out of life. Thus the only requirement for someone to be able to benefit from this message is the desire to live happily and usefully whole. Even if you’re not an alcoholic, “this message” is about application of the principles of the 12 steps adopted from AA for the purpose of improving ANYONE’s life. Learning to find out who we really are and then following that up with a sincere attempt to become what we could be. Maximizing our potential by building a new character to replace the old one.

KC has a unique ability to quickly get inside you to find the blocks that are keeping you from finding out what you are looking for and then help you find it by learning to apply these spiritual principles. The 12 steps are a group of principals, spiritual in their nature, which if practiced as a way of life can expel any obsessions or compulsions and enable the sufferer to become happily and usefully whole.

KC teaches the Thought-Life Connection of applied spiritual principles to address personal limitations and problems in a weekly internet based seminar on Sunday mornings that is attended by participants from all over the world. KC also has an audio library with over 500 Cd’s that demonstrate step-by-step how anyone can manifest a psychic change to improve the quality of their life.

Currently living in Malibu, CA. KC is a sought after Life Coach, Speaker and Personal Recovery Assistant. He regularly speaks at several 12 Step Meetings in the Los Angeles area. KC is available for One-on-One Private Sessions, Personal Life Coaching and Personal Recovery Assistance. KC is in the process of putting his message on paper by way of a book called “Look Inside”. For more information please contact TLC.
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  1. margie bauer permalink
    January 6, 2012 3:25 pm

    Hi K.C.

    I was interested in your two pieces on Self Searching Basic Instincts, but have not been able to find them on the archive. They were around May 2010. Would you mind letting me know where I can access them please.

    Many thanks


  2. tania permalink
    May 30, 2011 9:37 am

    I just attended a retreat led by KC and am already benefiting from the commitments I made there to daily meditation and inventory.
    The generous help and wisdom KC shared with me is beyond description and value; I am happy to know the good he extends to me and countless others returns to him multiplied.
    I’d recommend his work to anyone for any reason.

  3. Anthony permalink
    January 28, 2011 12:45 pm

    I’m sitting here listening to some old Daily Reprieve recordings from 2007.
    I’m amazed at how inspiring and inspired the message you spoke of is.

    If more of these older recordings are a available to purchase I’d buy a bunch more.

    Thanks so much for carrying the message of the steps in The 12×12.


  4. Renee' permalink
    December 30, 2010 11:58 am

    It was my pleasure to speak with you today. You came on my line as an ATT customer and before I xfer’d you, I felt like I had come in contact with one incredible man. You are so insightful and undeniably intelligent about life, love, people, and relationships. After reading your bio, it’s nothing short of a miracle you are where you are today. God certainly had His eyes on you from the beginning and has an even brighter future for you. Being that I am clear across the country from you, I realize the chances of meeting you are slim to none but please know I would consider it an honor to meet you in person. My spidey sense tells me you ooze charisma paried with compassion and a heartfelt sincerity. I wish you well and God bless you always…May you have a prosperous and exciting 2011!!!

  5. Imane permalink
    December 18, 2009 3:10 pm

    Hello KC,

    It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I didn’t doubt a second from the conversation we had, that you are someone who got a lot to share. Your words and personality are very impressing and warm. It’s such a great feeling to be talking to you and hopefully we will get a chance to do that again.

    Thank you and good luck.

  6. Doug Parker permalink
    December 17, 2009 12:51 pm

    Hi KC –
    Just wanted to tell you that I look forward to the Wednesday meeting more than any other meeting or event in my week. I REALLY get your message and want more, and more, and more of it.
    Thanks so much for allowing me to see happiness.

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