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I just had to say…,”the CDs save my life!!!”. When I cant make the meeting in person, I know I can get my sanity and contentment in listening to one of the CDS. They bring me right back to the message, and I feel whole again.:)


All CD’s are $4.00 each and available for immediate download. Downloads are in an mp3 format that can be played in your car, at home or on the iPod!

Why Be Here (Length 01:10:08)

Click here to Purchase.

Wearing Faces (Length 01:18:54)

Click here to Purchase.

Victims of Emotions (Length 01:11:19)

Click here to Purchase.

Tapping In (Length 01:18:52)

Click here to Purchase.

Self Honesty (Length 01:10:13)

Click here to Purchase.

Our Concerns (Length 01:08:47)

Click here to Purchase.

Only You (Length 01:08:40)

Click here to Purchase.

More Freedom (Length 01:10:09)

Click here to Purchase.

KC Rocks (Length 00:44:48)

Click here to Purchase.

Justice and Love (Length 1:14:19)

Click here to Purchase.

It Will Work (Length 1:14:07)

Click here to Purchase.

I Was Wrong.mp3 (Length 1:15:55)

Click here to Purchase.

I Want (Length 1:17:34)

Click here to Purchase.

Duality (Length 1:19:42)

Click here to Purchase.

Douse the Fire mp3 (Length 1:14:06)

Click here to Purchase.

The Dark Voice mp3 (Length 1:13:10)

Click here to Purchase.

Energy Flow mp3 (Length 1:00:46)

Click here to Purchase.

Heaven and Hell (Length 1:10:26)

Click here to Purchase.

Looking For You (Length 1:08:10)

Click here to Purchase.

Who Cares to Admit (Length 48:12)

Click here to listen to a sample. Clickhere to Purchase.

Realizations (Length 1:11)

Click here to Purchase

Injured Minds (Length 1:46)

Click here to Purchase

2011 © TLC

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  1. Eric Hancock permalink
    November 21, 2010 5:20 am

    i have a few of the aa meetings on disk but i would DO ANYTHING to get more of them. i downloaded them from the internet over a year ago. i would gladly pay whatever the cost to get the full collection of meetings. others in my community have been after me to get more of the recorded meetings. if anyone can help i would be grateful and would fully compensate them for their time. Please help me with this request.

    • Anthony permalink
      January 28, 2011 12:57 pm

      I have some from the old daily reprieve website, probably 15 to 20 of them.

  2. Dennis B permalink
    April 25, 2010 7:46 am

    Hello All…

    Weeks ago KC held a Sunday meeting in Burbank for “all those affected by Alcoholism/Addiction”. I was not able to attend that seminar/workshop. I was told this was going to be recorded and available for purchase but haven’t seen it on your website, in fact, not sure exactly what title it would be listed under.
    Can you please assist me in this inquiry?

    Thank you, Dennis B

    • April 25, 2010 9:23 pm

      Hi, Dennis. We just got the edited “CD” in, and it ended up being in two parts. If you handed in one of the forms, I can send it to you since it was included in your entrance fee. It should go out in the next week. TLC Team


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